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Mississauga North - Carol Southcombe - 416-988-7222
Mississauga South - Evelyn Thoy - 647-588-7131

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Mississauga North (Area North of Burnhamthorpe)

Carol Southcombe 416-988-7222

I worked in Mississauga for over 22 years for a pharmaceutical company whose mission is to help people 'do more, feel better and live longer'. Working within a culture that promotes well being was very rewarding as it is in line with my passion of helping others and making people feel good.

Over the years I helped my Mother downsize and move - each time helping to reduce the worry and work of sorting, packing, moving and unpacking. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to see her relaxed throughout the process and comfortably settled in her new surroundings so quickly. I recently had the opportunity to downsize and move another Senior and quickly realized how fulfilling I found this. I have retired from the corporate world and when I heard of Downsizing Diva, I knew this would be a great fit for me - leveraging my business knowlege and personal experience.

I was born in Caledon and live there today with my husband. We have 4 children and 5 wonderful grandchildren. We enjoy the outdoors - hiking, biking, playing tennis and gardening.

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Mississauga South (Area South of Burnhamthorpe)

Evelyn Thoy 647-588-7131

Evelyn was raised in Kitchener, Ontario. After graduating from the University of Guelph she married and moved to Brampton where she raised 2 boys.

After a 25 year career in Customer Service and Operations Management she took early retirement to pursue a new career path and spend time with her 3 small grandchildren. While contemplating various career options she participated in volunteer positions at the Georgetown food bank and at Bethel Hospice in Inglewood, Ontario.

Helping seniors became a passion when her parents shared their anxieties about leaving their home after 50 years. Having gone through the process of moving her dad from his home to a retirement residence and her mom into long term care the need for assistance in downsizing became evident. Thus Evelyn found her new career path and joined the team of Downsizing Divas. Her management and organizational skills, her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm have all helped her be successful in helping seniors make that difficult transition with ease. She clearly understands the need for having a caring, compassionate person help with the overwhelming task of determining what items to move and what items could be better used by someone else.

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Downsizing Diva - serving Mississauga & surrounding areas
"Moving and Downsizing Solutions for Seniors in Mississauga & surrounding areas!"

Everyone is talking about simplifying, organizing and downsizing. The best time to do all of this is BEFORE you move, not after you move. Here's what we're hearing...

"I want to move, but I don't know where to begin."
"What do I do with all the stuff my family and I don't want?"
"There's so much to do and so little time to get it done before Move Day!"
"Moving? Am I doing the right thing?"

Moving for seniors is often accompanied by feelings of excitement, guilt and anxiety. Just the thought of going through years of accumulated treasures, downsizing and getting organized, causes people to become... OVERWHELMED!

No doubt about it, moving for seniors is stressful. Whether you're moving for the first time or the fifteenth time, moving across town or moving around the world, the Diva can help. We'll plan and organize your move, sort and downsize your stuff and take care of all the details to reduce the work and worry for everyone involved.

With Downsizing Diva, you will have some fun and enjoy the downsizing and moving process as much as the move itself!

Are you ready to take the stress out of your upcoming move? If you answered, "YES!", you're ready for THE Downsizing Diva... and, she's ready for you!


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Plan to surround yourself with things you love and treasure. We don't own anything forever, we're just caretakers!

Get rid of obvious garbage. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Pass along items you no longer want, use or need. The lucky recipients can be family, friends or your favourite charity!

Remember the heavier the box, the higher the risk of damage to items in transit.

Now you're ready to enjoy your new home!

Downsizing Diva Makes Moving for Seniors Easy in Mississauga.

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