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Client – Daughter in Law

Once more we are EXTREMELY grateful to you and your team for doing such a fabulous job to move my inlaws. I could not imagine trying to do a move without you! It is such a daunting job to even contemplate let alone execute. You remove all stress associated with the physical move. Many thanks!

We will always be grateful to you for how you made BOTH moves so smooth for the family - and that you cared about my in-laws and their comfort in their new environment

Deborah | Realtor

I was over at my client's house on Wednesday and it looks wonderful. Loved the fact you stored all the items so neatly in the garage. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you again for all your hard work and for keeping me up to date on the progress. I will not hesitate to recommend you again to any of my clients or to any of my associates who need help with their clients.


Thank you for your most efficient service. It was a pleasure dealing with your team of dedicated workers. They turned an anticipated nightmare into a most pleasurable experience. They accomplished in three days what would have taken me a month, always assuming that I could summon up the motivation. Your arranging the movers also proved a godsend, given the bad reputation that some in that profession have acquired. It was a pleasure being one of your clients. You deserve every success as your service was well beyond my expectations. John


I just wanted to write you and tell you how impressed we were with the Divas staff. They were so great – here for 2 days and did so much without great disturbance and then on moving day so helpful and the moving chaps also very good – . they did a great job. I have recommended Divas to quite a few people who might be considering a move. Once again you all made a difficult time for us so much easier – many thanks and good fortune in your business

Daughter-in-law - Catherine

Thank you very much forking a difficult situation very easy and almost a pleasure.  You professionalism is greatly appreciated.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Daughter - Eve

I live in the U.S. and the Downsizing Divas were an amazing partner when we moved my mom to her new home. They advised on what to take, performed the move seamlessly and helped my mom feel comfortable the first night in her new home. They were calm, unhurried and thorough which was just what she needed.


John and I thank you for your expert planning and assistance on our move. For me, downsizing was overwhelming and John’s accident added to the difficulties of trying to ready the condo for sale, packing, etc. Without your professionalism, it would have become a very trying situation for us. We are very grateful on how smoothly it all went. We will recommend you to anyone who we know that might need your help. We are settling into our new home and enjoying the easy going lifestyle here.

Pat - Daughter

Thank you Carol. I think Downsizing Diva is a great company. I don't know what I would have done without you and Kathy to help us. I will recommend you to my friends.

Les - Son

Carol Southcombe and her professional staff expertly facilitated the transition for my mother to a seniors residence. Every benchmark was met and exceeded, which is seemingly a forgotten business practice but wonderfully appreciated when considering the stressful nature of the transaction. Courtesy, kindness, sensitivity, professional competence in all aspects make her service incredibly valuable. I would recommend Carol Southcombe and her Downsizing Diva team without reservation.

Tony – Royal LePage Realtor

I was at Kathleen's apartment yesterday afternoon and the way you set it up is spectacular. She said you are so talented and she is thrilled. She had a huge smile on her face and was so proud to give me a tour of the apartment . Can you please thank your entire team for me you are true professionals. I really look forward to working together with you in the future .


We would like to extend our deepest thanks for the services you provided to our family over this past month. "Services' seems like such a poor choice of words as your level of care and commitment to making this entire moving process stress free went much deeper than a service. From the initial moving date to the final clearing of all items from Mom's home, everything was seamless We knew that this would not have happened without a great deal of organization and attention to detail on your part.

The personal touch that Downsizing Diva showed to us, from the very efficient and professional staff to your own caring and compassion, was more than we could ever have expected. You managed to take a possibly overwhelming task and break it down into very manageable steps, and for this we are very grateful. Most importantly, we enjoyed your humour and sensitivity along the way.

Once again, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

You and your associates were amazing. My mother's suite looks so good! All the work you did in planning and organizing her move made our life so much easier. I have been so worried these past few months to how it would take place!

Carol, you gave support, encouragement, and proved you know your job. Thank you so very much for all you've done! It is very appreciated and looks terrific! Give my thanks and appreciation to your staff and movers.

Loved your service .. And your integrity .. You were a huge help to us getting Dad organized... Many Thx ...

Daughter – Mississauga Client:
It was a pleasure to work with you and your team during Mom's moves. You really helped reduce the stress. I can't imagine how we would have done it without you! I will certainly keep you in mind if anything else comes up.

Carol and her crew were wonderful. The move went very smoothly and my mother is very pleased with how her possessions were handled. We would highly recommend Downsizing Diva to anyone considering moving their loved one. The attention to detail as well as the care and compassion were second to none

My mother is 87 and it was time to move out of the family home of 45 years and into a Retirement Residence. Downsizing Diva broke down the move into manageable steps that my mother could cope with without feeling totally overwhelmed by the process. Being that all of our family members live remotely from my mother, we were able to rely on Carol and her team to provide the on site care and compassionate support that my mother needed to sort through years of memories and belongings and transition her into much smaller accommodations. Carol also provided the family with timely progress updates and identified key decisions that had to be made. Downsizing Diva truly took the weight off our shoulders, came in on budget (despite a few surprises along the way), and my mother was very happy that many of the household items were donated to various charities. I was very impressed with the service provided and do not hesitate to recommend them!

I just wanted to thank you again for assisting me with my mother's move to the retirement home. No one can believe all that we accomplished in the short time I had available. I know that I had laid out a pretty tight schedule before meeting with you on Tuesday but to actually empty a two bedroom condo, recycle or donate what you could and move the appropriate furniture to her new suite and set it all up by Friday was truly unbelievable. It was like she could walk out of one home into another with all her clothes hung in her new closet, pictures hung, dishes away and even the phone plugged in. Pretty impressive !
Also thank you for arranging the painter and the carpet cleaner for her old condo. They both arrived on schedule and did great work. When you finished staging the condo, it looked absolutely beautiful and we had an offer on it almost right away and now have a firm sale. Could it have been any easier ?
Thank you again Carol,
G.B. - Client's son

Downsizing Divas was instrumental in transitioning my parents from their 4 bdrm house to a 2 bdrm condo. Since I live in New York City and my parents live in Mississauga, Downsizing Divas partnered with me remotely to effectively manage the entire downsizing process. They gave me status updates or asked for feedback on a regular basis and recommended what types of conversations to have with my parents to ease their transition. In 3 months, they worked with my parents to de-clutter, select essentials, pack, unpack and also coordinate the move-in process. Carol and Rebecca were highly skilled in communicating with my parents; they knew when to be patient and flexible and also when to be more influential and directive to help with the downsizing process. Downsizing Diva's also has a trusted network of moving companies and services to assist with the process at competitive rates. My parent's are extremely happy with their new home and Downsizing Divas alleviated much of the stress and emotional frustrations that comes with this process.

I couldn't have done it without them!
Y.S. New York City.

Carol – I wanted to thank you and your team at Downsizing Diva. My sister and I were faced with clearing out a 4 bedroom house on our parent’s behalf and the thought of having to take the time and resources to do this was overwhelming. The service you provided was fantastic! We were so impressed at how quickly you and your team were able to dispose of the items in the house and how clean you left the place!! Also we felt really good about the fact that your first priority was to donate the items instead of throwing everything into a dumpster. Thank you for making a very tough situation easy for us!

Mrs. xxxx seems absolutely THRILLED with her new home - GOOD JOB DIVAS!!
Seniors Retirement Community

Carol I am absolutely astonished. It looks absolutely amazing, you are a miracle worker! The way you have displayed my antique furniture reinforces why I want to keep these pieces.

Yes, my client is very, very happy with the results you delivered. She says there is no way she could have done this without your help.

ReMax Realtor
I was at client's home and they indicated they were quite happy with your service. I believe it was the difference in making the Sale.
I will certainly use you again in a situation where someone needs to downsize and don't have the necessary family support.
I have your card on me...

Marketing Manager - Senior Retirement Living
The Client's Suite is amazing! What a wonderful job all of you did! She is tickled pink! She is sooooo proud of her new place...she invited the staff up to see it when it was all completed! They are thrilled and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Downsizing Diva! They are highly recommending you!

Remax Realtor
Glad to hear things are moving forward with Mrs. R. It really was a quick closing and I was surprised she agreed to it. She got a great price for her home, so she was very happy to make it work. I think the fact that she had met you already, she knew she would have the help she needed so it was easier for her to make the decision.

Remax Realtor
Well Carol, I'm happy that everything has worked out so well. I do look forward to another great experience with you and your company.
Thanks for the great service once again.
All the best